Why is my card charged twice?

When an order is submitted to Mud Pie:

  • A pre-authorization charge is requested from your bank in order to verify funds. Once an order is submitted
    • This authorization places a hold on your account for the entire amount of the order, or in some instances larger as it may not reflect the flash sale and/or discounts
    • These funds are held temporarily and will not be posted as an actual charge until your order is complete
  • Once the merchandise ships, your credit card will be charged, funds will be removed and the authorization hold is removed from your account 
  • If your order is unable to be completed for any reason, the pre-authorization charge will automatically be removed from your account and you will receive an email with additional information regarding your order
    • If we are unable to fulfill a(n) item(s) on your order, you will receive an email with additional information and when the funds are removed from your account you will see an adjusted amount from what your order confirmation email shows. You will not be charged for an item we are unable to fulfill. For more information regarding cancelled items, please see HERE! 

If you have additional questions regarding pending charges, please reach out to us HERE! 




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